Shawon Ashraf

NLP, Computational Linguistics, Multi-Modal Deep Learning

Junior AI Engineer, ellamind GmbH

print("Hello World!")


I am a Junior AI Engineer at ellamind GmbH. I have a MSc. in Computational Linguistics from IMS, Universität Stuttgart, Germany and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from North South University, Bangladesh. I primarily work on language models and their applications. As for programming language, mostly Python. I won’t call myself an expert but I can write Pytorch and Jax(+Flax) without asking an LLM Agent.

I’ve previously worked as a Software Engineer (Javascript, Swift, SwiftUI) and also as a TA for the Bachelor’s and Master’s level programming courses at IMS.

Other than work, I write on my blog on Deep Learning and NLP and a few tutorial series which are also on my Github.


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